8 Mother’s Day cake ideas for your bakery

The celebration of Mother’s Day is arguably one of the most important for mankind, because every human being is created by a woman, regardless of their gender. In fact, mothers are their children’s very first home, and the reason that they exist at all. So how do we make sure that our mothers know how much they mean to us?

Although gifts are nice, what mothers want the most out of this day is probably the presence of their children. And of course to accompany such a special gathering, a beautiful, delightful cake is a must.

Anticipating that your bakery will be packed with customers this Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of cake ideas to help you diversify your offerings and impress mothers across the country.


Lemon Cake

Simple, yet delicious, a lemon cake with lemon-flavoured icing and filling will surely win the heart of a citrus-loving mom.

The trick with a lemon cream cake is to find the right type of cream that can be mixed with acidic fruits. Good thing we’ve got this magical Whip Topping Base that can do just that. Check it out now.


A basket of flowers is such a cliche Mother’s Day gift idea, except for when it’s made entirely of cake and cream.

This one may be a little more challenging to make, but it’s so beautiful and meaningful that any loving adult child will pick it up from your bakery in a heartbeat to impress their mother.

Besides excellent piping techniques, the key to a successful flower basket cream cake is the cream itself. Check out this highly stable topping that is perfect for piping intricate flowers, and has a wonderful vanilla taste.


If you ever wonder why moms love coffee so much, think of all the sleepless nights they have to endure to nurse their babies.

Considering how our society is absolutely addicted to coffee, a coffee-flavoured cream cake might become a hit for your bakery this Mother’s Day.

For a perfect blend between the coffee powder and the cream, we recommend using Whip Topping Base.

P/S:You might want to note it down for Father’s Day as well, or just anybody’s day, really.


And of course, we cannot forget the vegan moms!

Having a vegan option in your bakery is important, especially when the number of vegans in the country is on the rise. If one vegan knows you’ve got a vegan cake option, they’ll notify all their vegan friends. Word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool, especially when it’s free.

But! Don’t make just a bland vegan cake for the sake of it. Spice it up and give it some nice flavours. Apple cake, for example, is quite irresistible.

In terms of where to find a certified vegan frosting, check out this product.


Wreath cakes can look so elegant when you combine the right colours together. Pastel colours usually convey a calm feeling and can represent nurturing moms, while bold and contrastive colours bring out personality in the cake and can represent feisty moms.

Start with big and blooming flowers around the wreath, then add smaller flowers and leaves. Finish off with little flower buds.

To pipe something this delicate, we recommend Gold Label for its unmatched stability and outstanding yield.


The idea behind an ombre cake is to make the cream look like it’s gradually shifting colours. In this case, the cream roses are gradating from French rose pink to baby pink.

While an ombre rose cake may not require high-level piping techniques, it sure requires a stable topping cream such as Rich’n Smooth Tropic. It has a vanilla flavour and a light, fluffy texture that offers superior stability and ease of use.


Ah, the berry cake! The more berries, the merrier.

You can never go wrong with a layered red velvet cake for a day like Mother’s Day, and fresh berries almost never disappoint. Best combination ever!

It’s also super easy to make. All you need is 3 layers of sponge cakes, 3 layers of whipped cream, and lots of berries.

For a premium creamy taste, check out Avoset Pour N’ Whip.


Instead of decorating the cake with flowers on top, try piping colorful flowers on the sides of the cake instead. This will leave plenty of space on the cake’s surface for a heart-warming message; or just leave it blank for a more elegant look.

Having cream flowers on the sides can be risky if your cream is not stable enough, especially at room temperature. We highly recommend using Easy Whip to solve this problem. This product is ambient and can endure long hours in room temperature. It’s also available for online purchases.

With all these new inspirations and tips, we hope you’ll have a very successful Mother’s Day season with impressive sales. For more information about our products and recipes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or send a request through this link.


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