How to choose the best frosting for your cake

As you’re scrolling through tens, if not hundreds of frosting products on the internet to find the best solution for your business, it probably feels like a game you can’t win. One frosting may taste good, but doesn’t hold up well; another holds up well, but not that well at room temperature. You also want a cream that is easy to handle so that your staff can be trained how to use it within a short amount of time. What about its shelf life? And the cost? There’s just too much that an experienced baker and cake decorator has to consider to find the best frosting solution for his or her cakes.

Let’s take buttercream for example:

Frosting made with buttercream often has a gritty texture and an overly sweet and buttery taste that discourage consumers from having a lot of it. On top of that, when you store a buttercream cake in the fridge, it becomes hard and loses its creaminess; but if you leave it out at ambient temperature in summer (anything from 21°C or above), the butter content in buttercream will start to stiffen. In fact, for a buttercream recipe that uses 100% real butter, the result can even be that your cake will start melting once it reaches room temperature. Of course a solution to that is to mix in a lot of shortening to keep the cream stable. However, this method makes for an unhealthy and slightly distasteful cake for the consumers. With all such hassles, buttercream is still somehow the most popular solution out there.

The question is: if you could have a frosting cream that satisfies all of your requirements, what would it be like? How about something that is rich and creamy in taste (but not overly sweet or fatty to leave a distasteful mouthfeel), spreadable and smooth in texture, and easy to handle and preserve? More importantly, it should be able to sit at room temperature for at least 3 days. Last but not least, the product’s cost has to be reasonable.   

That may sound like wishful thinking, but such a product actually exists. In fact, it has just entered the Australian market under the name Easy Whip. This is a whipped icing product that can be stored at room temperature and lasts for up to 3 days after whipped at 24°C or below. Interestingly, frosting made with Easy Whip is fluffy and smooth like dairy cream, but can hold up better than buttercream in order to form detailed designs such as flowers and swirls. In fact, decorations made with Easy Whip don’t collapse easily outside of the fridge like with dairy cream. Neither do they become hard with a sandy texture after being stored in the fridge like buttercream.

Easy Whip’s taste is a perfect balance between dairy cream and buttercream. It is sweet, rich and creamy with a nice vanilla aroma, but doesn’t leave an overly sweet and buttery mouthfeel. As a cherry on top, Easy Whip has an overrun of 350%, so when you take into consideration the cost, you’ll be surprised how much you can save by switching from buttercream to Easy Whip. 

Just as the name suggests, the handling and storage of Easy Whip is so unbelievably easy. First off, the product itself comes to your storage at ambient temperature. You just have to keep it in the fridge for at least 12 hours before use. Secondly, Easy Whip is freeze-thaw stable, which means the whipped cream can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months, then thawed in the fridge and used right after. How easy is that!

Below is a comparison table between dairy cream, buttercream and Easy Whip for your reference:

Dairy creamButtercreamEasy Whip
Taste and aromaRich, fatty, creamy but not sweetVery rich, very fatty, creamy and very sweetRich, creamy, moderately sweet with a nice vanilla aroma
Mouthfeel and aftertasteFluffy and smoothVery buttery and sweet with a sandy mouthfeelFluffy, smooth and sweet
Handling DifficultMust be whipped at 7.5°C to 12.5°C.MediumMust be whipped at 21°C or below).Easy Can be whipped at 24°C or below
StorageMust be stored in the fridge and lasts for 2 days.  Can be stored at ambient temperature (21°C or below) for up to 3 days.Can be stored at ambient temperature (24°C or below) for up to 3 days.Can be frozen then thawed in the fridge and used right after.
StabilityCan’t handle detailed designs. Doesn’t hold up well outside the fridge.Can handle very intricate designs. Holds up well at 21°C or below.Becomes hard at cold temperatures.Can handle intricate designs.Holds up excellently at 24°C or below. 
ApplicationMore suitable for piping borders.Can be used as icing, topping and filling.Can be used as icing, topping and filling, and as an ingredient in other desserts and beverages.
CostMediumHigh Medium

In today’s market where consumers become more and more demanding and your options of products are wide open, why not make a switch to impress your customers while making the best value for your money? Easy Whip could really help create a unique selling point for your products this summer and onward. 

Because this is a new product on the market, it may take some time for your competition to catch up on your secret. Be the trend leader that you’re destined to be.  If you want to try out Easy Whip for your business, leave us a message. We’ll send a sales representative specialised in technical support your way, and make sure that Easy Whip impresses you and your staff. 


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