Hacks to avoid cream cake meltdown at outdoor events

As summer is once again around the corner, you know what season it is: the season of outdoor weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and other outdoor gatherings. While summer is great for all kinds of activities and perfect for showing off your trendy wardrobe, it could create quite a headache for cake decorators, because guess what? Cream wilts over time at room temperature, let alone outdoors in the sun.

Only it doesn’t–if you know our secret hacks.

Easy Whip–a cake whipped icing product that can hold stability for up to 3 days at 24°C or below

Yup, you read it right. Rich Products Australia now carries this miraculous whipped icing product called Easy Whip that can hold its form and taste for up to 3 days in room temperature as well as outdoors, as long as it’s under 25°C. Surprise, surprise!

Some of you probably expected that we would recommend going for naked cakes because the less cream there is, the less chance there is of a cake collapse, isn’t it? But hey, if the customers want a beautiful white cake for their wedding, who are we to deny them that?

Keep the colour white and bright

Black and other dark colours are well known for attracting heat, if your customer is having an outdoor party on a sunny, humid day, it may be wise to go for bright colours or just plain white. With white being a colour that reflects sunshine instead of absorbing it, and Easy Whip being so stable even out in the sun, your cake creations will surely impress the customers and their guests for maintaining its perfect beauty over such a long period.

Less is more

Too many decorative items on top of a multi-tier cake can weigh it down quite a bit and easily lead to a meltdown. As the saying goes, “less is more”, keep your decorations simple and more on the sides and at the bottom of the cake, or go for lightweight, edible decorations. 

Luckily, Easy Whip is quite lightweight (like most of Rich’s other whipped icing products) and can easily handle simple to medium-hard cream decorations. So if you’re going for an all-white look (such as white flowers on white icing), Easy Whip is your best friend.

Having small cake desserts instead of one big cake

Having multiple cake desserts for individual guests is not only a great hack to avoid a cake meltdown, but also makes dessert time so much more easy for both the host and the guests. Ask the kids, they know all about it. 

To make your job even easier, Rich’s Australia also provides uniced cupcakes in two popular flavours, vanilla and chocolate, that go very well with Easy Whip whipped icing. As the name suggests, Easy Whip is super easy to handle. You can even store it at 25°C or under. Just whip it up, pipe a nice dollop on top of the cupcakes, and there you have it: 30 cupcakes within 30 minutes. 

Besides cupcakes, Easy Whip can also be applied to a very wide range of other breads and desserts.


We can list so many more tips on how to combat the summer heat’s effect on cream cakes, but if you can find just one type of cream that can handle the heat, isn’t it that all your problems are gone? No more hiding the cake in the fridge until the guests have arrived. No more redoing the decorations so that the cake can last just another day. No more stress on days where the sun strikes a little too hard, because the guests may be sweating but the cake surely isn’t. 

Oh, and did we mention that Easy Whip tastes pretty good as well? Wait a minute, that’s an understatement. It tastes like vanilla heaven–creamy and all. If you want to try out Easy Whip for your business, leave us a message. We’ll send a sales representative specialised in technical support your way, and make sure that Easy Whip impresses you and your staff.


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